Bar del Fico | Cocktail Bar, Bistrot, Drinks and Aperitivo in Rome
Bar del Fico • VIA DELLA PACE 34/35, 00186. Roma (Italy) • Tel.: +39 06 6889 1373 • Email

Bar del Fico | One of the best Cocktail Bar and Bistrot in Rome

Cocktail Bar and elegant Bistrot for a quick meal, Aperitivo or Apericena in the center of Rome

The Cocktail Bar of Bar del Fico in the center of Rome offers a wide selection of fresh drinks and a Cocktail menu with a list of the great classics and creative mixing.

At the Cocktail Bar you can also enjoy for lunch a light meal, cold cuts and cheeses, first and second courses.

A modern menu, with traditional dishes and international influences, is the best option for a delicious light lunch in the center of Rome.

The cosmopolitan atmosphere of the Cocktail Bar is the ideal location to have an Aperitivo or Apericena in the center of Rome with a delicious selection of snacks and finger food.

Choose between the light lunch formula, drink or cocktail, Aperitivo or Apericena in a unique and trendy location in the center of Rome!

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Bar del Fico
00186 Roma (Italy)
Tel.:+39 06 6889 1373