Bar del Fico: Cocktail Bar, Bistrot, Aperitivo, Restaurant, Private Events in Rome
Bar del Fico • VIA DELLA PACE 34/35, 00186. Roma (Italy) • Tel.: +39 06 6889 1373 • Email

Welcome to the Bar del Fico | The historic Bar in Rome city center a few steps away from Piazza Navona

A century of history and now the innovative restyling of the Ristorante Bar del Fico

The Bar del Fico was born exactly a century ago as a dairy and local bar. The Bar del Fico is still considered one of the most popular historic place in Rome city center offering to their customers a full day service from breakfast to dinner, serving also lunch and an aperitivo.

From Via della Pace there is the entrance to an internal courtyard where is located the Ristorante Bar del Fico, recently renovated with a stylish and innovative restyling where a large ficus is the heart of this "urban greenhouse".

In the Piazza del Fico there is another entrance to the Bar del Fico, with outdoor tables, where you can have breakfast, taste a fresh and modern menu for lunch, have a drink or a cocktail as an aperitivo.

The Bar del Fico offers also several private rooms from 20 to 100 people where you can organize a fascinating and trendy private event.

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