Rione del Fico | BAR

At lunch, an elegant bistro, retro yet informal.

Rione del Fico | HOSTERIA

In the evening, the Hosteria del Fico opens its doors.

Rione del Fico | SALOTTO

Clients can find an amazing Drink List.

Rione del Fico | Rome

Open daily 7am-2am ! 


A new concept has been developed in one of the historic venues oìin the heart of Rome. Cosmopolitan and international, a bit rétro and always welcoming, it is an ideal place for meetings and meals.

On the one hand, Bar del Fico is like a traditional European bistro where clients can enjoy a drink and/or freshly prepared light and healthy dishes, accented with multi-cultural influences. On the other, Ristorante del Fico has an elegant, airy internal courtyard, where it is possible to savor high quality meat specialties, original and traditional pizzas, as well as sophisticated Italian, and in particular, Roman culinary specialties.

Two different situations, which truly complement each other, and create a single intimate atmosphere: the Rione del Fico. In this unique place, style, trends and diverse realities coexist and are freely expressed.


Bar del Fico: Piazza del Fico 26/28
Bar del fico Restaurant: Via della Pace 34/35
Telephone: 06-68891373