Bar del Fico | Best breakfast near Piazza Navona in Rome
Bar del Fico • VIA DELLA PACE 34/35, 00186. Roma (Italy) • Tel.: +39 06 6889 1373 • Email

Bar del Fico | One of the best breakfast in the center of Rome

Start your day with a sweet or savoury breakfast brunch in Rome at the Bar del Fico

There is no better way to start the day with a tasty and rich breakfast: croissant and cappuccino quickly served at the Bar, or, sitting more calmly, enjoying a fruit extract and a slice of cake.

Whatever program you have on your agenda, the breakfast service of the Bar del Fico in the center of Rome is always a great start to the day!

Here you can enjoy a typical Italian or buffet breakfast in the enchanting setting of Rione del Fico in the center of Rome.

From a rich buffet you can choose choose between sweet and savoury proposals like a brunch: croissants, pies, cakes daily prepared; but also fresh fruit, cheeses and cold cuts, eggs and bacon, fresh fruit juices.

After such a breakfast, the day will take a different turn!

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Bar del Fico
00186 Roma (Italy)
Tel.:+39 06 6889 1373

Bar del Fico

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